Don't just MAKE

    New Year's Resolutions!

     Experience them as a REALITY! 


    By joining a

    Thin Within Small Coaching Group

    Registration is now open for Thin Within's small coaching Focus Group:

    From Failure to Freedom - New Years! Edition

    • Let us support you to realize your New Year's Resolutions!

      Our newest curriculum in our "New Year's Edition" is perfect to support you as you step into 2021!

    • 6 Module Digital Coaching Group Curriculum

      We take you through a 6 Mini-Module Digital Course including bible study and practical mind renewal exercises

    • 2 Coaches and 7 other participants will cheer you on to realize your New Years Resolutions!

      We limit the size of our coaching groups to maximize the experience for everyone.

    • Have ongoing access to the coaches via a Facebook group established just for this purpose.

      Post questions and prayer requests and we will gladly respond within 24 hours!

    • Experience Thin Within's 8 Keys to Conscious Eating 

      Thin Within and the Keys to Conscious Eating were first used in 1975. They still work today to help you release extra weight, experience peace with food, eating, and your body!

    • Move from Failure to Freedom as we support you!

      • Module 1: What does Freedom look like? 
      • Module 2: The Beauty of our God 
      • Module 3: A New Way of Thinking About Failure
      • Module 4: Perfectionism ~ Friend? Or Foe?
      • Module 5: Truth is the Path to Victory
      • Module 6: Resting in Surrender

      Heidi Bylsma-Epperson

      Lead Thin Within Coach

      Heidi has been involved with the leadership of the Thin Within ministry for the past 20 years. Heidi coaches one-on-one, speaks, writes, and coaches small groups as well as leads the charge in the Thin Within Inner Circle.

      The video clip above is from one of the teaching videos inside our course, From Failure to Freedom.

      Christina Motley

      Thin Within Coach

      Christina was one of Heidi's one-on-one clients for a short while in 2014, but was such a quick study that Heidi invited her to join her in coaching the Fresh Wind Fresh Desire coaching groups. Christina is walking in victory!

      The video clip above is from one of the Zoom strategy and coaching calls we have each week.

      Who are the coaches?

      What are the dates?

      What are the days and times of the coaching and strategy session calls?

      What does the package include and how much does it cost?

       Our Results Practicing

      Thin Within!

      Make 2021 the year that you REALIZE your NEW YEAR's Resolutions!

      If you are anything like us, you have made "New Years Resolutions" numerous times over the years. By the third week in January, however, you have lost your steam. 


      We have the antidote for that. THIS year, join us and let us support you so that you just keep building "steam" and building motivation and building tools in your toolbox. Let this be the year that you release the heart, mind, and BODY weight!

      Thin Within From Failure to Freedom - New Years Edition starts in:


      The Program

      In this unique Thin Within Focus Group we dive deep into the beliefs that keep us stuck and the TRUTH that will enable us to live as victors! 


      You will NOT be told that foods are off limits or that you have to eat certain other foods. We encourage you to explore and be adventurous! Eat what you enjoy. Prayerfully allowing our bodies to direct us with hunger/just enough signals, we find that we can shake the disordered thinking and disordered eating that has characterized our lives until now. We grow in intimacy with God as our desperation for Him grows even as our body size gets smaller.


      If you are a Thin Within veteran who needs a refresher or someone brand new to Thin Within, this focus group is a great fit--especially to be supported as we launch into 2021!


      Many in our focus group will release extra weight during our 6-8 weeks together. All of us will learn strategies, tools, and tips for experiencing peace with food, our bodies, eating, ourselves, and God.

      Space is limited!

      Be transformed by the renewing of

      your mind...

      Romans 12:2

      • Eat what you enjoy

        No foods are off limits in the Thin Within program.

      • Eat when your body signals it is hungry.

        We, at Thin Within, learn to prayerfully listen to our body's signals indicating we are in need of fuel. God has made us fearfully and wonderfully!

      • Escape Dieting Forever!

        No more pendulum swing as we go from one extreme to the other, from restricting and hammering ourselves and then to the other extreme of throwing in the towel!

      • Learn new ways to think!

        In addition to bible study and prayer, we learn how to target God's Truth so it replaces the lies and unworkable beliefs that keep us stuck!

      Since being in the Thin Within coaching group, I am in touch with my feelings and my greater need for God. The way I view my life, its challenges and victories has changed because I am able to go beyond the food and get to the heart of the matter. I am learning to be more gracious toward myself and others, too, and have been able to steer clear of condemning thoughts. This is a miracle, a gift. Yes, I feel more comfortable in my clothing so that is an added blessing. It never was about the food. It is an indicator of a deeper issue. I have known this for the past 40 years of my life but was never able to walk in freedom for very long because root issues were never addressed. I am grateful for God leading me to Thin Within and my new friends.😁

      Daniela Passucci, From Failure to Freedom Focus Group Participant, Fall 2020

      More Details

      • Facebook is our home base for our Focus Group. Please be sure to plan on committing to visiting and participating in our community there.
      • Membership portal has assignments and videos for each week of study and preparation for our coaching calls. Please prepare ahead of time for our first call by visiting both the membership portal and also the Facebook group.
      • Weekly LIVE Zoom strategy and coaching session where Christina and Heidi will teach concepts, share strategies and provide specific feedback about your questions, struggles and victories. Each student will share their journey in our calls so we can all learn from one another! 
      • Choose from LIVE calls on Mondays ("Monday A") at 1pm PT, 2pm MT, 3pm CT, 4pm ET or Mondays ("Monday B")at 3pm PT, 4pm MT, 5pm CT, 6pm ET. Be sure to select the correct time.